NECA Study Abroad Italy Programs

NECA was founded...
to provide university students a quality study abroad program in Florence, Italy, that meets U.S. university academic standards, and is committed to providing students individual attention in a friendly atmosphere that enables students to study and experience Italian culture firsthand.

NECA is an Accredited Study Abroad Program...
dedicated to a high level of instruction with a qualified international teaching staff that encourages students to make the most of their experience abroad.
NECA is specialized in Alumni Programs and Educational Guided Tours for students and for curious travelers.

NECA has established requirements about how and when U.S. students may study abroad at NECA also in consideration of issues of terrorism, war, disease, and other risks to travelers.
The U.S. Department of State periodically posts advisories called 'Travel Warnings' for countries that they deem to be unsafe for U.S. students. It is the NECA's policy to follow the official travel warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State and to keep in touch with the U.S. Consulate in Florence, Italy. 

NECA offers Interdisciplinary Courses in the following fields of study


(in alphabetical order):

Anthropology Italian Language
Architecture Italian Studies
Art History Liberal Studies
Business Literature
Composition Painting
Design Performing Arts
Drawing Photography
Economics Political Science
Engineering Psychology
Film Sculpture
Fine Arts Sociology
History Studio Art
Humanities Sustainable Development
Interdisciplinary Studies Women's Studies
International Studies

Each course has an
Interdisciplinary Approach that fosters a widened viewpoint and that is based on Experiential Learning.
NECA also offers Directed Study/Individualized Programs.
All courses are designed to stimulate students' interests and to challenge their way of thinking.

The Goal of NECA Programs...
is to nourish students' desire for learning and to enrich their university studies with a new dimension. Students are invited to take a step out of their own culture and environment and to see things from a new perspective to develop a deeper understanding of their world and themselves.

NECA is also committed...
to promoting cross-cultural studies by providing motivating, flexible, and high standard programs that meet U.S. university needs and standards.
In its aim to provide university students an enriching learning experience, NECA gladly welcomes the opportunity to develop unique and specialized study abroad opportunities together with U.S. university administrators and faculty.

Universities and Colleges...

can contact NECA's Director and submit their proposal for a year, semester, winter term, spring break term, or summer program. NECA's experienced staff provides personalized student assistance, centrally located academic facilities, cultural events and activities, orientation, and other logistical needs.

Faculty-led programs and Visiting Professors...
are also welcome to take advantage of the opportunity made available by NECA to accompany a group of students to Florence.

Individual Students...
may enroll in NECA programs directly and receive U.S. university transfer credits. Transcripts will include course titles and numbers, grades, and credit hours, and they will be sent by the University Registrar directly to the student's home institution for transfer credit.

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