NECA Study Abroad Italy Programs
Summer Program
June 2 - June 28
(3-6 credits)




Students enrolled in the NECA Summer Programs can choose 2 courses, thus earning 6 credits.
Students have the option of choosing just 1 course (3 credits) at a lower cost. Students should choose a second choice of courses in case one or more courses may not be available for any reason.

June 2 - June 28

The definite schedule is given to students at the Orientation Program in Florence.

June 2:
Students enter their accommodation.
In case of early arrivals students should know that June 2 is the Feast of the Italian Republic, and most stores will be closed.
Stores will also be closed on weekends (Saturdays afternoon & Sundays). Restaurants will not be closed as well as a few supermarkets to buy food for the first days and for weekends.

June 3:
Orientation at NECA facilities
lasses begin
Tuscan Welcome Dinner together

June 6:
Steak dinner together in the Chianti area, with Chianti home-made wine tasting (optional)

June 8:
Morning walking tour in the historical center.

Afternoon excursion to the hill of Piazzale Michelangelo and visit to the 1,000 year old San Miniato Church (1,018 a.C.)

June 9:

One-day excursion to the Tuscan town of Pisa (leaning tower, etc.)


June 15:

Excursion to the hill of Fiesole and typical lunch together in the Florentine hills


June 16 - June 17:
Two-day excursion to Rome, the Capital of Italy, with visits to the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter's Basilica, the Catacombs, the Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and Capitol Hill, plus walking tours to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, etc.

June 18:

Morning excursion to othe open-air market at Cascine Park
Afternoon: Classes resume

June 19:
Typical Tuscan Dinner together (optional)

June 22:

One-day excursion to the Medieval Tuscan town of Siena (optional)

June 24:
Dinner together in the city center (optional)
Evening meeting to watch the fireworks of the Feast of St. John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of Florence

June 26:


June 27:

Tuscan Farewell Dinner

June 28: Students leave their accommodation.

Dates of excursions may be modified due to logistical factors, transportation strikes, etc. Additional excursions may be added depending on students' interest.
Note: On days with no classes, the school is closed.
The school opens on June 3 and closes on June 27.

Before the Program:
-June 2, Feast of the Italian Republic.

During the program:
-June 24, Feast of St. John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of Florence.
The facilities will be closed on weekends (*), unless otherwise specified.

(*) There might be excursions during these days, but no classes in the NECA premises, which will be closed.

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